huh. Look at this world.
It is so small. Oh, just so small! It asks you to put it in the palm of your hand, to just stand there and look at it in calm amazement. Breathe in. Breathe out.
There it lays, under your warm and loving gaze. The most innocent thing, its surface a living canvas of slowly drifting colors as you take care not to drop it. Marvelous, don’t you think?
A tiny ball, almost spherical but then not quite. Perfectly unwhole, inviting your imagination to seep into the void and let it bloom.
Once entropy proclaimed that it should not exist. But the world dismissed that claim. It does not believe in entropy.
Oh, this stubborn little world, but is it not the most remarkable thing you have ever laid your eyes on?
It does not ask for your protection, but does your heart not bleed when it is hurt?

The world is you.
Don’t you see? Everything you perceive melds into this experience you would simply call “life”.
Hush, hush. I know. That thought is scary. As it is, we already struggle to control this little aspect of our being that we dare to identify with as our selves. For some, even this task borders on the insurmountable. How shall you even begin to control the everything I suggest you are?

I will tell you.
The first step is to let go. Let the world rush in like a wave and wash away the boundary you so carefully drew around this tiny little fleck you thought your self to be.
As for step two: There is no step two. Just let go.

Now that you have, let me unveil the bittersweet trap I set for you. There is no control. And I know the pain you feel now, having released your illusion of it into the wind. You stand amidst the shattered debris of the walls you called safety and you suddenly feel the pull of entropy, asking again to undo you. To dissolve you, for the energy field of the universe to be more coherent and calm.

Are you afraid to die?

The challenge of our existence is that while we can move in all directions in the perceivable space, we cannot do so in time. Our eyes evolved to look in one direction only. The direction where entropy will unravel our consciousness to spread it out into the ever expanding void beyond the edge of the universe. Invoking the primal fear of death in our hearts. Our fear of becoming one again and thus eradicating this border between us and eternity.

Some learned people hypothesize that the universe will eventually shrink back into this awe inspiring singularity everything originated from once. To begin the cycle anew.
A pulsating heart oscillating between the big bang and the heat death of the universe, which is no death at all, but the ultimate state of serenity before it all constricts back into this miracle we call life and warmth.

Maybe your consciousness will form again in that cycle, maybe it will not. But look beyond your conscious self to see that it does not even matter. You are already whole. The whole, magnificent world of your perceptions, thoughts and emotions is part of this universe now and always.

It is a humbling thing that we are only capable of perceiving the forward motion of time. We so bitterly grief over people being “gone” after they embraced the pull of the unraveling.

But it is not them who have gone. Do you see? We ourselves are the ones moving into the future, away from the place they called their home in the space-time continuum.
Let us not grieve for the ones we wave goodbye when we move out into the tantalizing unknown in front of us, while they comfortably stay in the spot that is theirs in this eternity.

Because there is but one lesson to be learned in this one-directional travel through the fourth dimension. Your home in this universe is right here, right now, where your consciousness dwells.

So many of us constantly look out into the mist of the future, hoping to reach their home if they just keep moving and wander far enough. Just one more step and then my life will be whole. One more step and I will be home, we say.

But being conscious, you are already home. You are already perfect. You already occupy your unique little world in this universe forever. This is your place. This exact moment right here.

And once you pause and stop moving through time, your consciousness is invincible and infinite.

Thank you for sharing my home.
I am grateful we met, as even entropy cannot undo that. Not now. Not ever.


  1. I love this! Sombering and uplifting, a nice reality check (and I totally heard Morgan Freeman reading this in my head).

    1. Thank you, B. I just restructured the synopses on the front page and took the liberty of using your adjectives there. Morgan Freeman reading this was too generic though; name something that this man hasn’t read! 😉

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